All about Homespun:

Their goal is to bring people together with beautiful works of art while highlighting the artists who created them. Homespun collaborates with Minnesota-based artists to provide a varied collection of high-quality, low-cost gifts and decor.

Ben Cooney and Jill Hayes, a husband-and-wife duo, own and run Homespun. Ben and Jill grew up in the Minneapolis suburbs, but they didn't meet until they were both in college at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. Jill and Ben have a long history of sharing a love of the arts. Jill and Ben co-founded EDIT, a youth-serving non-profit dedicated to artistic social activism, in 2009.

They created another art business called Lucid Wood in 2015, which gave them their first taste of retail. Ben and Jill spend much of their time at home with their daughter, son, and dog, cooking wonderful food, and taking in the amazing Minneapolis arts and music scene when they're not working on Lucid Wood and Homespun.